Project Tibur: a step into the future

Project Tibur: a step into the future

Project Tibur – A step into the future of process automation.

Logos Automation, SEI Sistemi and TECNO PAPER SRL join forces for Revamping and Speed-Up of Line 3 of Paper Industries in Tivoli.

The project, led by Logos Automation and under special attention from Siemens, will be the first in Italy to use PCS Neo, the new generation of Siemens in the field of industrial automation and process control.

PCS Neo has been designed to offer greater efficiency, flexibility and reliability in automation processes. Its introduction in such an important project as the Revamping of Line 3 of the Paper Industries testifies to the trust that Siemens places in Logos Automation and in the capabilities of PCS Neo.

The use of PCS Neo will guarantee a more intelligent and integrated management of the systems, allowing a simplification of the control and automation architecture. The Paper Industries in Tivoli will thus be able to benefit from significant improvements and the Revamping will make it possible to optimize processes, increase productivity and reduce machine downtime.

Furthermore, the Speed-Up will allow to accelerate the production speed without compromising the quality of the products.

We are excited to see the results of this pioneering project and the role Siemens’ brand new PCS Neo will play in its success. It is an important step towards the future of industrial automation and demonstrates how collaboration between companies and the adoption of cutting-edge technologies can lead to extraordinary results.

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